shocking-high-tech-micro-current-electrical-facial.jpg The High-Tech Electrical Facial also called the "Shocking facials" is a treatment, which helps your skin look younger by getting rid of crow's feet, deep lines and sagging skin. This procedure was originated in France and is gaining popularity in the US.

Procedure Highlights
a. Tiny pulses of electricity are sent deep into the skin by a special wand and these electric pulses effectively tighten the sagging skin.
b. This is an effective, painless procedure and also a little bit expensive.
c. The results can be noticed immediately after the treatment but for the better results one has to undergo nearly a dozen sessions.
d. The treatment is not recommended on heart patients and pregnant women.
e. The origins of this facial is micro electrical stimulation started more than 20 years ago.
f. The procedure is to be done monthly for maintenance and costs $100 / treatment