The making of delicate sheets of gold used to be an ancient Japanese craft. About 600 years ago this was used to decorate the famous Kyoto Golden Pavilion Temple. But now the production of kinpaku has drastically fallen. In a bid to revive this craft, Hakuichi Co. Ltd. has now started using these gold leaves in lotions and cream as well as in facials. The delicate sheets are about 0.0001mm thin and are usually made from tiny pieces of gold.

Highlights of the kinpaku facial
a. It improves circulation and rejuvenates the skin.
b. It has effective disinfectant qualities.
c. The gold leaves that are used is 100 per cent pure gold.
d. It makes the skin softer and more supple.
e. It takes about 60-90 minute per session.
f. However, this facial is not clinically tested.

Cost of Facial
About 15,750 to 21,000 yen.