The revolutionary micro-current therapy for facial rejuvenation is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments available today. Besides being pain free, it is also highly effective. One of the leading providers of this therapy is Lumina. Their anti-aging facials use this procedure to make the skin wonderfully radiant and young.

Highlights of the Lumina Anti-Aging procedure
a. This is a non-invasive procedure.
b. It stimulates facial rejuvenation through acupuncture complemented with natural anti-aging supplements.
c. It is based on the microcurrent technology.
d. It involves the use of two cotton-tipped probes through which a gentle micro-current is emitted on to the skin.
e. It tightens and tones the facial skin.
f. It resculpts the face and gives it a visible lift.
g. It improves elasticity and stimulates collagen production and blood circulation.
h. According to trials, it is also capable of stimulating the body's production of amino acids and ATP.
i. It also causes cellular rejuvenation.
j. A mini spa facial and facial massages are also a part of this procedure.
k. It reduces wrinkles, lifts up sagging skin and under-eye bags and has an overall anti-aging effect.

Treatment time
a. One treatment takes about one hour.
b. In the first phase, the patient is expected to undergo one treatment per week for about 3 months.
c. It is better to go in for 12 to 20 treatments with 1 – 2 treatments per week for best results.
d. In the second phase, treatments can be taken with longer intervals.

The cost of the lumina micro-current facials is $147 per session
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