The Japanese have a reputation for being technology geeks. No wonder then that they are the ones who come up with innovative technological wonders. The latest is a MP3 payer that also gives a facial. The mpion MP3 player is sold online at Netyokocho.

Product Highlights
a. This is an MP3 player that is designed to gives users a facial.
b. Players get a facial as they listen to music on this device.
c. It has a 128MB memory.
d. It can hold up to 32 music tracks.
e. There is a negative ion generator on the back of the player.
f. These negative ions are capable of cleaning the skin pores when applied to the face.
g. This is more effective than the traditional soap and water.
h. It helps in the removal of microscopic dirt and diffuses skin cream.
i. It weights just 35g.
j. It has a built in safety feature that prevents negativity overdosing.

Approximately $180.00