nuface-facial-toning.jpg Women have always secretly desired to access the elusive fountain of youth. Now, Thanks to the Carol Cole Company's efforts, this need no longer be just a dream. Their NuFace device provides an easy way to effectively diminish the signs of facial aging. This device has now been cleared by the FDA as an at–home cosmetic device.

Highlights of the NuFace device
a. This is a hand held facial toning and rejuvenation device.
b. It is based on the micro current technology.
c. It lifts and tones the muscles and skin tissues with gentle electrical stimulation.
d. It is a non-invasive device.
e. It can be used daily to supplement a healthy skin regimen.
f. All that a user needs to do is glide the device along the contour of the face.
g. A gentle alternating current is emitted through dual spherical probes during this process.
h. It is 100 per cent safe and effective.
i. Just 5 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days is enough for the results to show.
j. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

$379.00 to buy click here
Cost includes the NuFace device, Derma-Gel, Optimizing Mist, Instructional DVD, One year warranty.