oxygen-facial-sand-blasting.jpg The facial procedure opted by many Hollywood celebrities including Renee Zellweger is a combination treatment of oxygen and using sand for microdermabrasion. A combination of oxygen and sand blasting microdermabrasion is the latest procedure, to eliminate aging signs on the face. The procedure helps eliminate blemishes on face and soothes skin leaving you with a refreshing, younger looking face.

Procedure Review
a. The procedure involves cleaning the face and exfoliation. Then the face (excluding the nose) is wrapped using two sheets of cling film.
b. Next, the film is removed and blackheads are removed by squeezing the face.
c. Then a composition of oxygen spray (that has Vitamin A, C and E) is sprayed on the face.
d. After the oxygen spray the sand blasting microdermabrasion process begins. The sand blasting takes place for 45 minutes and delivers a stream of micronized aluminium oxide crystals particles to the face. With this the top layer of the skin and dead skin layer is removed.
e. The whole procedure is completed in 3 hours and one has to avoid makeup and direct sunlight for 6 hours after the procedure.
f. It reduces appearance of wrinkles, age spots and restores sun damage caused to skin.
g. Results are evident within a day.
h. It costs $160; the pain during the procedure is within bearable limits.
i. The bliss spa is offering this procedure and it claims to have performed 75,000 triple oxygen treatments since its inception.