cremedelamer-radiant-facial.jpg A new facial offered by specialty cosmetic retailer Crème de la Mer, called the Radiant Facial is creating waves in the skin care industry. The intensive two phase facial system works in tandem to diminish the appearance of age-spots, pigmentation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & freckles. The facial is rich in anti-oxidants helps skin damage and acts as a protective cover for future damages.

Major Benefits
a. The radiant facial leaves the skin with a luminous, bright and clear glow.
b. The ingredients of the Radiant Facial consist of White Sea Ferment, Algae, vitamins, minerals and biological agents all combined together though months of bio-fermentation process.
c. The radiant facial is priced at $320, to buy the Radiant facial click here
d. The facial should be applied for 8 minutes.
e. The Radiant facial is recommended for all skin types