To cash on the cosmetic market spas are coming out with a series of non-invasive services. These services are seasonal with claims of unique or exclusive service, on offer. But the dermatologists are indifferent and suspicious of these therapies. Smooth synergy of New York is offering a new fanny facial which is exclusively for the buttocks.

Highlights of Buttock facials
a. The buttock facials starts with a massage of the backside using exfoliating papaya and mint scrub.
a. After cleaning the area from lower back to upper thigh, 8 black post-it size adhesive pads are placed at points on each buttock cheek and 2 on each inner thigh.
b. Next, wires from the Diamond Dynamic Waveform therapy machine are plugged into the pads. The machine pulses wave patterns for 45 minutes, like a body muscle massage, followed by organic spray tan.
c. The procedure takes 90 minutes resulting in tighter and toned buttocks.
d. Each treatment session costs $160.