cell-phone-facials.jpg Who thought that a cell phone can aggravate skin conditions? But this is exactly what is happening. Having a cell phone glued to the ear can be the biggest skin irritant. It clogs pores, stimulates acne growth and transfers germs and grime to the skin. But help is at hand. Upper Side spas are now offering to clear up the clogging of skin caused by cell phones. The Completely Bare Spa in NY is one such spa offering special treatments.

Highlights of Purifying Plus Facials
a. It keeps the complexion clean and radiant.
b. This facial uses HP polarized currents and light-emitting diodes.
c. The light emitting diodes kill the bacteria on contact.
d. The facials help clear up acne and reduce spots and hyper-pigmentation.
e. The results are instantly visible.
f. It takes just around 70 minutes.
g. It costs $185.