alma-laser-radio-frequency-treatment.jpg There is a new procedure called 'Alma Laser' gaining popularity in burning fat and also tightening skin. This procedure can be performed to burn fat and cellulite on back, legs, stomach and buttocks.

Procedure Review
a. This procedure can be used for fat burning as well as for facelift and this is a non-invasive procedure.
b. It does not require any downtime.
c. It is awaiting FDA's approval.
d. This radio frequency procedure provides two types of radio frequency technology UniPolar & BiPolar.
e. Radio frequency waves will be sent into the problem area by using a device and each area will be covered by the device for 6 times (30 seconds each time).
f. There will be a minimal discomfort during the procedure.
g. Results will be better, providing you undergo a few sessions.

With a single procedure, you will get double benefit of getting the fat burnt and firming effect of the skin. The treatment package starts from $1,200.