Thermage Inc., has sued Alma Lasers Ltd and Alma Lasers Inc. for patent infringement. The case has been filed at Delaware Federal District Court. According to Thermage spokesperson, Alma was notified in February 2006 that its Accent product will infringe Thermage patents if marketed in the United States. However, in April 2007, this product was cleared by the FDA for the US market.

Highlights of the Thermage lawsuit
a. Thermage has claimed that Alma Lasers Ltd's Accent XL product infringed upon 10 of its US patents.
b. These include Thermage's skin tightening and contouring technology.
c. It is also alleged that 6 of those patents have been infringed by Alma's Harmony product.
d. Thermage has requested the court to refrain Alma from further infringements.
e. Thermage is also seeking compensation for damages and attorney fees.