The FDA has cleared Portrait Plasma, which uses thermal energy called plasma for reversing the signs of aging, for the treatment of acne scars. This was announced by Rhytec, Inc., the developer of the product. This product was earlier cleared by the FDA for the treatment of facial and non-facial wrinkles, superficial skin lesions, actinic keratosis, seborrhoeic keratosis and viral papillomata.

Highlights of the clinical study prior to FDA clearance
a. This was a single site clinical study treating acne scars.
b. It involved the use of Portrait PSR3 plasma system.
c. 9 patients were evaluated after one Portrait Plasma treatment.
d. It was seen that acne scarring improved by 23 per cent in six months.
e. Results stayed for about two years.
f. Silicone elastomer molds were made of the skin irregularities before and after treatment.
g. Researchers compared the depth of the defects with the help of these molds.
h. It was seen that there was a 35 per cent decrease in acne scar depth.
i. After this, a multi-center IRB clinical study was conducted at three sites.
j. This study evaluated Portrait Plasma treatment of areas of sunken, atrophic, post acne scars.
k. 29 patients were give one treatment protocol.
l. There was a mean improvement of 29 per cent in acne scar appearance at 6 months.
m. Patient self assessment was 35 per cent average improvement.
n. 71 per cent of the patients were confident that they would recommend the procedure to a friend.
o. Researchers arrived at this conclusion after a single Portrait Plasma treatment compared to the six treatments patients endure with the 1320 nm Nd:Yag and up