fraxel-sr-1500-laser.jpg Fraxel SR 1500, an innovative laser technology by Reliant Technologies, Inc has got the needed approval for its commercial sale in Asia Pacific region. Fraxel SR1500 laser is the expansion of Fraxel family of lasers and it is a great option for facial, neck and chest rejuvenation.

Laser Features
a. The Fraxel SR 1500 Laser is designed with Optical Zoom hand control system, which enables physicians make a way into 1.0 millimeters below the skin surface with precise dosage control.
b. The deeper penetration of the laser makes a way for the stimulation of collagen production, which finally promotes self-healing.
c. Fraxel SR laser is a safe, effective and a non-invasive procedure for all types of skin problems ranging from mild sun damage to severe acne scarring.
d. The dosage control option lets the physicians to choose the optimal treatment plan for the patient.
e. The design of the device is very comfortable for the physicians to use.
f. The treatment control engine calculates the depth of penetration and dosage delivery based on physicians' selection of energy and treatment level.
g. The Fraxel SR 1500 comes with a new operating systems and supports future enhancements.