gentlewaves-cancer-treatment.jpg Gentlewaves light treatment is a commonly used procedure in the cosmetics industry for treating aging skin conditions. The FDA had approved of its use in reducing wrinkles and fighting rosacea and sunburn. Now, This procedure is believed to have potential for use in medical treatments of cancer patients. Though opinion is divided about its efficacy, a few experts are of the opinion that this can effectively reduce the skin problems suffered by cancer patients after radiation therapy. Further data is still required for this to be established.

Product review
a. This can be used in the healing of skins of cancer patients.
b. It works effectively in controlling the inflammation and skin burns that result from radiation treatments.
c. It is extremely safe and comparatively painless.
d. Breast and mouth and neck cancer patients stand to gain tremendously from this.
e. It is a non-invasive treatment.
f. It involves the use of yellow light-emitting diode (LED) light to heal.
g. It was originally developed for use in the cosmetic industry.
h. It stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammatory enzymes in the skin.