palomar-starlux-system.jpg.jpg There is now an easier way out for people who want to eliminate unwanted hair, treat broken blood vessels or reverse sun damaged / photo damaged skin. Each day sees the emergence of innovative technologies and new applications for such purposes. One powerful system is the Palomar's StarLux platform, whose technology is pulse light system.

Highlights of StarLux platform
a. This is a pulsed light system that uses special hand pieces to deliver light wavelengths on specific layers of skin.
b. Filtered light is beamed on the targeted area in smooth pulses.
c. This system enables the light to spread over a larger area.
d. The hand pieces use AccuSpectrum Technology to filter light in the optimal bands of the spectrum for specific treatments.
e. The built in Active Contact Cooling chills the tip of the StarLux handpiece, which is in contact with the skin, throughout the treatment.
f. This system has a photon-recycling process that uses mirrors within the individual handpieces to recapture scattered energy.
g. The mirrors send back the energy to the target area, which increases treatment effectiveness.
h. This can be used for permanent hair removal on all skin types, non-ablative skin resurfacing and soft tissue coagulation.
i. It can also be used for the treatment of minor capillaries, hemangiomas and rosacea.
j. It is also used in pigmented and vascular lesion treatment.
k. There is hardly any recovery time.
l. It is a comfortable and efficient system.
m. This is a flexible and expandable system.

a. Some patients may experience a mild sunburn-like sensation for a day.
b. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure for about 4 weeks.