Candela Corp. has acquired Inolase Ltd. of Netanya, Israel, for $16.5 million in cash payment. It is now planning to market Inolase's innovative Pneumatic Skin Flattening (PSF) by the fall of 2007. PSF will work with Candela's laser treatment procedures to eliminate pain and lead to better customer satisfaction. This is good news for patients intending to go in for any laser or light-based treatment procedures.

Treatment review

a. The Pneumatic skin flattening system uses vacuum technology to reduce pain generated by lasers and light-based devices used for various treatment purposes.
b. It is approved by the FDA for the removal of body hair with lasers or intense pulsed lights.
c. It reduces pain without chilling the skin.
d. It is currently being studied to see if it can be used in other treatment procedure like skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and pigmented lesions and tattoos.
e. PSF enhances efficiency of light based treatments even without increasing energy density.
f. Higher efficiency is due to diminished blood absorption and reorientation of treated structures parallel to the skin surface.
g. It has the ability to increase energy without pain or without risking the skin.
h. It compresses the skin and this blocks pain naturally.
i. This is a better and more efficient alternative to analgesic creams.
j. It is a safer method since blood is eliminated from the light pathway reducing skin damage and erythema.
k. This is adaptable to any Laser, IPL or RF.
l. It is easy to use.