There is now hope for people suffering from fingernail fungus. According to new medical technology companies, lasers can help in treating this problem, which causes toenails to become thick, yellow and fetid. Currently, Nomir Medical Technologies in Waltham, Mass., is developing a laser called Noveon for diseases like antibiotic-resistant staph infections as well as nail afflictions whereas PathoLase’s PinPointe Footlaser is already in the market. The efficacy of this product was proved in a clinical trial the results of which were presented at a national dermatology meeting.

Product Highlights
a. This laser is generally used by doctors for cataract surgery, dental work and hair removal.
b. Two different wavelengths of near-infrared light are beamed at toenails.
c. The laser selectively aims at and kills fungi.
d. It was seen in a clinical trial that after 4 treatments, about half of the 39 toenails tested were free of infection.
e. After 6 months, about 76 per cent of the volunteers had clear nail growth.
f. The study data will soon be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.
g. This product is already cleared for use on the skin and in nasal passages.

Highlights of the PinPointe Footlaser
a. This product is already available with almost 70 podiatrists in 21 states.
b. However, this treatment is not covered by health insurance.
c. It has not yet received federal clearance for Toe nail fungus treatment
d. This device is cleared for use in dental procedures
e. It costs around $1,000.