intralase.jpg Now laser technology has made it possible for us to treat many conditions from medical to beauty. By using these lasers doctors are treating many conditions without invasive methods and in terms of cost, the savings are almost half as compared to invasive procedures.

The following are conditions that can be treated by Laser technology

a. IntraLase machine is a new arrival in laser technology for corneal surgery. This advanced laser has outperformed the surgery that uses blades to perform corneal surgery. This laser surgery can be done in 30 minutes and with great results. It is priced about $2,099.
b. By using laser technology doctors are treating blood vessel-type growths, sun spots and brown spots. Lasers are also helpful in removing tattoos.
c. Of late laser have become an effective treatment for hair removal and transplantation.
d. These lasers can effectively work on middle part of the skin to cause the collagen to remove wrinkles and making the skin smoother and look youthful.
e. Some health care clinics are also offering smoking cessation laser treatments to make one give up smoking habit. This acupuncture like treatment gives best results.
f. Laser therapy is offered for weight reduction as well.