The Japanese have done it again. In an attempt to find new and better ways of enhancing beauty, their innovative mind has come out with The Exidéal, which is a panel of LED lights. This invention is said to be capable of enhancing the beauty of the skin and suffusing it with radiance and youth.

Highlights of The Exidéal
a. This is a LED device meant for skin care.
b. It contains 280 LED lights in ten modes of patterns and intensities.
c. The light is beamed on the face to heal the skin.
d. It is capable of permeating the skin's vitamins and collagen.
e. It is easy to use.
f. It can be easily used at home for prolonged periods.
g. One just has to sit in from of it and let the light fall on the face.


Currently available in Japan.

It is not meant for use by people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.