Despite the urge to maintain a youthful appearance, most people are apprehensive about the outcome and side effects of invasive cosmetic surgical procedures. There is a great demand for non-invasive procedures like light therapy in the market. Following the FDA clearance of this procedure for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, healing of wounds and battling pain, this market is all set to scale new heights.

a. This therapy involves the exposure of the skin to different wavelengths of light for a prescribed period to treat specific conditions.
b. It stimulates the skin to convert light energy photons into cellular energy.
c. It rejuvenates the cells and improves collagen and elastin production.
d. These wavelengths are not based on laser, thermal and ablative procedures and thus there is no recovery periods.
e. It is a painless procedure that results in a younger look.
f. It can be used by people of all ages.
g. It rejuvenates and makes the skin firm and improves its texture and tone.
h. It improves the skin's moisture retaining capacity and reduces pores, wrinkles and lines.
i. It is effective in fighting pigmentation and acne.
j. It is affordable and safe.
k. It is a fast and gentle procedure and produces natural results.

Manufacturers of light therapy equipments
There are various manufacturer's offering light therapy equipment for skin brightening, skin tanning and anti - aging. Some of the popular light therapy equipment manufacturers are:
a. Raymond Anthony International (RAI), Calif., manufacturer of the Lumière Light- Thèrapie system
b. ETS Tan, Indianapolis, Ind., manufacturer of Rejuvasun spa bed.
c. Light Therapy Systems

a. People with thyroid problems and epilepsy should not go in for light therapy.
b. Pregnant women and people with allergy problems should avoid it.
c. This therapy is not for people on medication that cause sensitivity to light.