Very often, patients are given complicated treatments to improve stubborn diseases. This is especially true in the case of skin diseases and lesions. Creams, ointments and pills are all used. Though it provides temporary relief, the results are not long lasting. But what is not widely practiced by physicians is therapy with Low Intensity Lasers. However, Meditech clinic has taken the initiative and is using this therapy to help long suffering people.

Therapy Benefits
a. This is a non-invasive laser procedure.
b. This therapy involves the use of monochromatic light emission from a low intensity laser diode.
c. It is used mainly to treat musculoskeletal injuries, degenerative conditions and also to heal wounds.
d. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes to an hour depending on individual patients' conditions.
e. It stimulates the c ells and improves metabolism.
f. It is safe and effective.

Helps reduce chronic skin diseases
a. It is useful in treating medical conditions that do not respond to conventional therapies.
b. It is effective in the treatment of stubborn diseases like psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, acne, ringworm, impetigo, herpes lesions and warts.
c. 5 to 10 treatments were enough for results to show.
d. This therapy can be used to treat bed sores and chronic leg and foot ulcers caused by diabetes.
e. It is very effective in healing wounds of all kinds.
f. This therapy also stimulates the body's natural healing process.

a. It is not recommended for patients who are on photoactive medication.
b. Pregnant women should avoid this treatment

Around $35 to $60 for 30 minutes.