n-lite-laser-technology-eye-wrinkles.jpg Wrinkles and laughter lines around the eyes are the first indication of age. Though there are many products and procedures in the market to reduce these signs, these are not 100 per cent effective or safe. Since, the area to be treated is around the eyes, people tend to get worried about laser treatments safety. However there is a new laser technology called N Lite laser technology which has been FDA approved to remove eye wrinkles. The N Lite laser is developed by ICN Pharmaceuticals of Costa Mesa, California.

Procedure Review
a. This procedure is performed by a physician without the use of anesthesia.
b. It is a quick, painless and efficient procedure.
c. There are no adverse effects on the surface of the skin.
d. It stimulates the production of collagen.
e. It improves skin tone and makes it soft and smooth.
f. It reduces wrinkles and lines with side effects.
g. The entire procedure takes just 20 minutes.
h. There is no recuperation time.