The anti-aging industry got a boost with the FDA giving its approval for the use of Sciton's BBL broadband pulsed light for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. The FDA has also cleared the use of ProLipo laser module in laser-assisted lipolysis. This is the first time that intense pulsed light system has been cleared to treat wrinkle treatment.

Highlights of ProLipo laser module
a. This is a minimally invasive treatment procedure.
b. This procedure involves the use of fiber-delivered laser energy to target fatty tissue.
c. It ablates and liquefies fat deposits in specific areas.
d. It is compatible with and is to be used in combination therapy with other Sciton treatments.
e. It involves the use of local anesthesia.
f. The recuperation period is less than in traditional lipolysis.
g. Early trials have been highly positive.
h. It makes the skin firm and toned.
i. There are hardly any side effects and risks.
j. It is a comparatively cheaper procedure.

Highlights of the BBL broadband pulsed light
a. It is used for the removal of wrinkles and fine lines.
b. It makes the skin firm, toned and smooth.
c. It consists of the SkinTyte accessory which makes it ideal for use in combination with ProLipo.