nulase-soft-touch-laser-skin-care-system.jpg The new Soft Touch Laser technique, is incorporated in the skin care system of nuLase. For the first time skin care treatment for home use with laser technique is introduced by nuLase.

Procedure Features
a. The new 'Soft Touch Laser' and NuLase's scientifically formulated moisturizer works in tandem to go deep into the epidermis and enhances the production of cellular energy (ATP, acts as fuel to repair skin).
b. This skin care treatment is a perfect alternative to creams, lotions and chemical peels.
c. The daily 3-step process of nuLase skin care system encompasses a microderm exfoliator, regenerating moisturizer and a foaming cleanser along with Soft Touch Laser to make skin more youthful.
d. The newly introduced Soft Touch Laser sends gentle pulses of its laser light deep into the skin targeting skin cells.
e. It is more helpful in fending off acne, wrinkles and removing age marks and stretch marks.
f. The price of the NuLase Soft Touch Laser is On Sale Now: $176.00

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