Palomar-LuxIR-Fractional%E2%84%A2-Handpiece.JPG Dr. Kenneth Beer, a West Palm Beach dermatologist is now offering an innovative procedure for rejuvenation as well as firmness of the skin called Palomar LuxIR Fractional™. For the first time a laser is providing two solutions with a single procedure.

Features of laser light procedure
a. The procedure involves in creating new collagen fibers by sending pulses of laser light deep into the skin.
b. It will effectively reduce sunspots, wrinkles and acne scars etc.
c. Even a single session will give you noticeable results, but three sessions will definitely satisfy you with better results.
d. During the treatment, you may notice a little discomfort and there may be redness for a few hours after the treatment.
e. It's a pain free procedure and requires a very little recovery time.
f. The complete procedure costs you about $1,500.
g. For more information, contact Dr. Kenneth Beer at 561-655-9055.