rhytec-portrait-psr.jpgOverexposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause skin damages, like facial fine lines and deep wrinkles, brown patches and serious conditions such as pre-cancerous skin lesions. The skin slowly begins to show damage, these signs of skin damage is called photo-aging. Photoaging occurs when the skin's connective tissues weaken causing sagging-skin, wrinkles etc. The people living in the sun-belt and the one who spend a lot of time in sunny atmosphere are prone to skin cancer. Portrait (PSR) Plasma Regeneration treatment is the first of its kind that works very well to treat sun damaged skin.

Portrait (PSR) also has a profound cosmetic effect on the other effects from photo damage, like wrinkles, skin tone and texture and skin laxity. A full face treatment takes from 20-30 minutes, and the long-term improvements of the skin's collagen continue for up to one year.