radiancy-lasers.jpg Radiancy Inc has announced the launch of two new lasers, Whisper (NG) Er; YAG and SiroccoNd; YAG which will be effective for skin resurfacing and tattoo/pigmented lesion removal. The features of the two lasers are

Whisper (NG) Er; YAG

a. This laser can carry out mild skin resurfacing and re-freshening even on the sensitive parts like neck and back of hands.
b. The epidermis is removed soothingly by using its ablation technology and the re-growth of the skin takes place in tandem with the peel.
c. This is an effective method to remove fine lines, reduce the size of pores and skin rejuvenation etc.
d. It needs no downtime and shows instant results.

Sirocco ND; YAG

a. This is a perfect laser to remove tattoos and pigmented lesions on all types of skin. The laser operates at two wave lengths of 1064nm and 532nm.
b. This laser also offers umpteen treatment options that are easy to change including different pulse and energy levels.

Radiancy also introduced the device Duet for effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation. These devices are portable and easy to use.