serenity-Pneumatic-Skin-Flattening-System.jpg Patients undergoing laser therapies often discontinue their treatment due to pain. The laser industry got a boost after the FDA gave its clearance for Candela Corporation's Serenity device. Now Serenity can be used for reducing the pain experienced by patients undergoing laser and intense pulse light therapies.

Product Highlights
a. This device uses the Pneumatic Skin Flattening (PSF) technology.
b. The Serenity device drastically reduces the pain associated with all laser and intense pulse light procedures.
c. It also makes treatments safer and more effective.
d. It can be adapted to any intense pulse light or laser.
e. It protects the skin and is cost effective.
f. It comprises of a small polycarbonate handpiece and a remote control unit.
g. The control unit automatically activates the vacuum pump while positioning the handpiece on the skin.
h. The duration of the vacuum in the evacuation chamber can be set by the user.
i. This device can be operated with or without use of skin lubricants.
j. There is no post treatment erythema.