rejuvawand-skincare-system.gif Light Dimensions, the manufacturer of RejuvaWand product, has announced the results of its study on this home-based, skincare product. The results of the study prove that the RejuvaWand is highly effective and safe besides being cost effective and a painfree, non-invasive option.

Highlights of the RejuvaWand study
a. This study was conducted by Leonardo Rasi M.D., a Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,
b. Researchers studied more than 4,000 treatments carried out in participants' homes.
c. Duration of the study was more than 60 days.
d. There were 36 female participants.
e. The average age group was 50.5 years.
f. Researchers used the PRIMOS imaging system to quantitatively evaluate the depth of lines, wrinkles and skin texture of the face.

Highlights of the findings
a. There was a 13 per cent improvement in fine lines, facial wrinkles and skin texture after 30 days in 67 per cent of participants.
b. There was a 16.5 per cent improvement in fine lines, facial wrinkles and surface texture in 77.5 per cent of participants.
c. It was found that in 30 days 7 out of 10 subjects experienced a 44 per cent improvement in fine lines and facial wrinkles.
d. 86.2 per cent of the participants reported overall improvement while 25 per cent reported outstanding improvement.
e. 30.6 per cent of the participants reported good improvement.

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