sunetics-low-level-laser.jpg Thanks to laser technology, people can now take personal skin care into their own hands. Whether it is acne flare-ups, facial wrinkles or blemishes, portable hand-held devices can help people take care of their skin in the privacy of their homes. Las Vegas based Sunetics International's range of low level laser products for the skin is innovative, easy to use and extremely effective.

Product Highlights
a. These are laser devices for personal skin-care procedures.
b. It consists of a handle that comes with 4 LED-based interchangeable treatment heads that can be used on acne, skin pigmentation, facial wrinkles and burns and pain relief/wound healing.
c. There is a diode in each attachment that produces a specific wavelength of light which is targeted to treat a particular condition.
d. This device is cordless, portable and rechargeable.
e. It has no side effects, is safe and absolutely painless.
f. It can target individual blemishes.
g. The skin is cleared in a couple of days.
h. It improves the texture and quality of skin.
i. The product comes with different head attachments which can be used to treat Acne, skin pigmentation, wrinkles & burns & for pain relif and would healing.

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