Wrinkles, fine lines and acne are a woman's nightmare. Now, Canada based company, Pharos Life, has introduced an innovative device to treat acne and wrinkles. It uses the concept of phototherapy with amazing results. The design ensures that it is easy to use and is more effective.

Product Highlights
a. This is a portable device that uses blue and red light therapy to stimulate skin cells.
b. It is powered by the LiteCare Technology.
c. It is meant for use in the treatment and prevention of acne.
d. It can reduce the visible signs of aging.
e. It improves the texture and tone of skin and makes it smooth.
f. It is safe and effective.
g. It can be used almost anywhere.
h. It improves and rejuvenates the skin and destroys acne causing bacteria.
i. It comes with 2 changeable heads, Tanda Clear and Tanda Regenerate, which targets the specific condition.
j. Tanda Clear's blue light is used for the treatment and prevention of acne.
k. Tanda Regenerate's red light is used to rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
l. It is safe, natural, non-invasive and effective.
m. The system is FDA approved for home use.

It can ordered online from www.tanda.com

$295.00, To buy the system click here