Theralase Technologies Inc. has announced that their biofeedback research project has been successfully completed. Aided by Ontario Centres of Excellence's, Centre of Excellence for Photonics (OCE) and University Health Network (UHN), the success of this project means that now laser treatment will be more efficient and safe. This new Theralase TLC-2000 biofeedback technology can measure the optical tissue profile of a patient in seconds.

Study findings on TLC-2000
a. This has the ability to give important information about the characteristics of tissues of patients.
b. This is done by delivering light energy precisely on a particular tissue for healing purposes.
c. This helps in establishing a patient's unique optical tissue profile in seconds.
d. This will be very useful in procedures that use laser.
e. It is suitable for all body types.
f. It enables a doctor to determine the exact amount of energy to be given to a patient.