There are many procedures available in the market for the treatment of photo-damaged skin. Botox and laser are usually the preferred options. Now, thanks to UCLA there is a new product that is comparatively safer than these options and less invasive. This is a combo treatment that has impressed doctors and patients alike. However, this procedure has certain side effects and it is advisable to tread with caution.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a new two-pronged procedure to treat photo-damaged skin.
b. It is a combo treatment in one session using a broadband light source and a micro laser with possible follow-up sessions if you want them.
c. It improves skin texture and reduces brown spots, facial redness and broken vessels.
d. It makes the skin look younger.
e. This is a comprehensive treatment with less side effects.
f. It is highly effective and requires less recuperation time.
g. Pain-killing face gel and eye guards are used during the procedure.
h. A doctor should first test a small area under the hairline to make sure a patient does not suffer pigmentation or scarring.

a. Patients might experience skin redness for one day to about four days.
b. Dark spots on the face tend to become even darker before fading and peeling after a week.
c. It cannot be used on male patients who sport beards and on people with dark skin.
d. It might lead to scars and permanent dark pigmentation in light skinned people.
e. It makes a person vulnerable to future sun-damage.
f. It is not covered by insurance.

$1,000 per session

Joe Greco