vitalase-mk-5-anti-aging-revitalase-12-obesity-laser.jpg To address over-weight and aging problems D'Moore De Beanie has developed new treatment program. The Photonlife Aesthetic Cold Infrared Soft Laser Technology program is first of its kind which offers anti-aging and weight loss procedures. The 2 machines used are Vitalase MK-5 and Revitalase 12 have been developed by Italian scientists. The equipment aids in toning, draining and tissue regeneration, circulation of oxygen and realignment of the cell system.

Vitalase MK-5 Cold Infrared Soft Laser
a. It is used for facial treatments; Primarily aids in tackling eye bags, scars and acne marks, wrinkles, face toning, fine lines, pigmentation, burn scar.
b. Avoids hair loss and heals broken capillary walls.

Revitalase 12 Twin Body Slimming Soft Laser
a. This machine uses gentle caress of cold infrared light. This balances bio-energy potential of the body giving a relaxation and pleasant sensation.
b. It is effective in combating cellulite and localized adipose tissues.
c. Useful in treating voluminous zones like abdomen and buttocks.