remove-cellulite.jpg Excess cellulite in the body is genetically determined and more prone in women as per experts. Cellulite is mainly located in thighs, hips as fat and is less interactive with blood supply, it is good for insulation and absorption of impact, but it doesn’t go easily with exercise or diet. Cellulite becomes visible when the connective tissue breaks loose unevenly and allows the fat at those spots to expand. Exercise and a good diet are good options to reduce fat. There are some creams in the market, which may work temporarily, by tightening the skin, but many experts feel that applying creams on the skin does not reduce cellulite.

VelaSmooth laser treatments use a laser like device that heats subcutaneous fat, which is responsible for the dimpling. Most patients have no side effects. There is difference of opinion among medical experts, whether VelaSmooth laser effectively eliminates fat. Velasmooth laser is a 16-treatment regimen and costs about $2,400. Endermologie is another treatment, which uses suction and rollers to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It has been shown to work for up to six months. However, regular treatments are needed, and can cost more than $100 each.