In earlier times, people with unwanted moles had no other option but to go in for surgery or liquid nitrogen treatments. Then came laser procedures and life was much easier. But now, there are doubts about the efficacy of lasers in mole removal treatments. According to New Jersey Dermatologist and member of the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Geoffrey Rappert, recent research has shown that lasers might not be the best way to get rid of moles.

Highlights of the research
a. The latest research on the effectiveness of lasers in mole removal has shown that lasers stimulated growth of moles, warts and skin tags.
b. It also led to the reappearance of moles after their removal.
c. However, at times, this procedure works.
d. This is due to the way laser light donates energy or waves of photons that rejuvenate cells.
e. Further research is needed on the subject before any concrete statement can be made.