mole-clinics.jpg Customer care has been given new meaning by a Shopping mall in Uk. Now UK shoppers can get their moles checked in shopping malls. Mole Clinic cancer screening services has been opened in about 20 stores across UK. This comes as a big boon for people who are exposed to the sun or are at risk from skin cancers.

Major Benefits
a. It offers checks using the latest technology.
b. Customers can find their nearest store and book by calling 0845 6789 111.
c. These clinics can detect early melanoma.
d. All the nurses are clinically trained and service is the same all over the country.
e. These clinics use Digital Dermoscopy, which captures highly magnified images of moles so that ine can see beneath the surface of a mole.
f. All the images can be saved for future use or to monitor a mole over time, to spot changes.

£30 for single moles
£95 for the full body check