solarscan-melanoma-detection.jpg Skin cancer is a frightening reality. Hence preventive care is an important part of a physician's duty. This involves yearly skin examinations to screen people for skin cancers. Now there is a new diagnostic device in the market that can help a physician immensely in his duties. Australian company Polartechnics has introduced a new device called SolarScan, that can help in the early detection of melanomas and this, in turn, pushes up the cure rate.

Highlights of SolarScan
a. This is a device that helps a physician to analyze pigmented lesions.
b. It takes pictures of the lesion and compares it with other pictures of melanomas in its database.
c. This database contains more than 3,000 lesions.
d. This device has the ability to give instant feedback about pigmented lesions.
e. Based on this feedback a decision can be taken as to whether to go in for a biopsy or not.
f. Suspect lesions can be easily monitored for any changes that might signal malignancy.
g. It is easy to use and ensures rapid acquisition and processing of patient and lesion data.
h. Its calibrated image storage ensures that future comparison of changes in patient lesions is allowed.
i. The camera has an integrated light source and a three-chip camera.
j. It can detect 14 shades of lesion dermatoscopic colors.
k. It enables up to 4 images to be compared on the screen at one time.