Dermatend-mole-warts-removal.jpg Anybody who has moles on their face knows how embarassing it can be, when they are being stared at their face. Now there are now numerous procedures to remove non cancerous moles including plastic surgery. A doctor has developed a cheap and natural cure to remove moles, warts and abnormal skin growths. The product is a natural bloodroot remedy (a small woodland herb available in North Central U.S and Canada) packaged under the name DermaTend. It does not harm the normal tissue and costs very low.

Product Review
a. The natural bloodroot herb has been in use for hundreds of years by native americans and europeans.
b. Bloodroot herb has the special ability to dissolve warts and moles without disturbing normal tissue.
c. DermaTend costs $34.97 USD for a Small 1/4 Oz pack.
d. Typical mole removal at plastic surgeons' office may cost approximately $300 / mole