Some scars are formed, after the healing of wounds, and often last a longtime. The way to prevent the scars is to take care of the cuts from the outset they occurred. The following are some solutions to prevent the scars formation

a. When there is a new wound, clean it by washing it with soap and water and then cover it with antibiotic ointment and a bandage.
b. To do away with the forming of hard scabs apply plain petroleum jelly to the wound, since hard scabs delay the healing process.
c. Curad Scar Therapy Clear Pads ($20) will help you in covering the wound.
d. Apply Mederma Gel ($15) for a few weeks, after the wound gets closed. The onion extracts in the gel help minimizing the scar by impeding the fibroblast function.
e. Lasers also are effective to get rid of scars.