b-g-reinforcing-booster.jpg Skin peeling products have shown to effectively ward off the aging signs of skin. Peeling eliminates, old dead surface cells unveiling the new, soft skin beneath. Skin peeling can moisturize, nourish and enhance skin metabolism. Skin peeling is beneficial for all women, however its recommended by dermatologists for those who are having fine lines, dry-oily skin, over exposed to sun or are living in polluted atmosphere, chain smoker and women leading a stressful life. Here few of the best peeling products are mentioned.

Shu Uemura: B-G Reinforcing Booster
a. Improves skin elasticity, immunity and diminishes wrinkles.
b. A 28 day treatment results in pore less, clear skin,
c. The B-G Reinforcing Booster is priced at $85.00 and each box has 4 sets of 5 day treatments.
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Biotherm: Line Peel
a. Has Silicium a mineral that activates skin's natural peeling process.
b. Its biological peeling action, vanishes wrinkles and adds glow, with younger looking skin.
c. The Biotherm Line Peel costs $40.00 for a 50ml bottle.
d. For more information on this, visit www.biotherm.com , buy Biotherm Line peel here.