athena-7-minute-lift.jpg There is now a face cream that can apparently give a face-lift in just 7 minutes. It has been recently introduced in the British market and has been received well by customers. Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox prescribe to this cream which is called the Athena 7-Minute Lift. However, some users complained that their face looked worse after the use of this cream.

Product Highlights
a. This cream is advertised as "the organic facelift in a jar".
b. It has already received 200,000 internet orders.
c. Independent tests conducted in the US shows that it can reduce the appearance of facial lines by almost 84 per cent.
d. It contains a combination of unique and powerful organic plant oils.
e. It can make the skin youthful and better looking.
f. First the skin needs to be cleansed.
g. The cream is to be applied lightly with a brush.
h. Then one has to wait without any expression for seven minutes.
i. The effects last for 24 hours.

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