snail-slime.jpg This is sure to freak some people out. The latest entrant to the cosmetic industry is snail slime. Apparently this slime is great for the skin and beauty companies are using it in their beauty recipes. Limited preliminary evidence of the efficacy of snail secretions is available though there are no solid scientific proof..

Product Highlights
a. Snail secretions can apparently help in the removal of wrinkles, acne and stretch marks.
b. Snails secrete allantoin, which regenerates and protect their skin and shell.
c. These secretions are extracted from snails without harming them.
d. It is then purified and processed.
e. It can improve the overall appearance of the skin in just 2 week’s time.
f. It also has anti-aging properties.
g. However, there is no scientific data to prove the efficacy of snail slime.
h. Some doctors also warn that these extracts may cause allergic reactions.

Cost of available snail creams and formulas
Between $20-$50

Most beauty products which use snail slime are available online