Your flight travel may cause you the problems like wrinkles, lines, dark circles etc on your skin due to environmental changes during air travel. You need to pamper your skin before and after your flight journey to avoid the irritable risks. Here is a new Air Repair Kit by Denise Spanek™ for you to take care of your skin during air travel.

Skin care Travel pack

a. Desquacreme is a creamy, foamy facial cleanser to clean the face.
b. To get back the elasticity of the skin, you have Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream & Essential Mask in this kit.
c. Air Repair Skin Vitality Mineral Mist can be used as toner and it will give relief from excessive dryness.
d. Air Repair Rescue Balm will help you in zapping the epidermal water loss.
e. Your hands and nails can be kept moisturized with the use of Terme Cream from Italy
f. The Air Repair Kit is priced at $195.00 and is available at