clinique-all-about-eyes-rich.jpg The eyes are the most prominent feature of the face. Bright and beautiful eyes can camouflage any small flaws. Though some people are blessed with amazing eyes, others are not so lucky. Eye bags are a major concern among many women. Coming to their rescue, is Clinique's new All About Eyes Rich. The specialty eye cream is designed to reduce eye puffiness and is an improved version of its existing All About Eyes eye cream.

Cream Review
a. It hydrates even the thinnest areas of facial skin.
b. One of the ingredients is eyebright, a herbal eyewash.
c. Its rich moisturizer base keeps the skin hydrated even 90 minutes after application.
d. It has a soothing effect.
e. It is 100% fragrance free.
f. It removes eye bags and smoothes the skin around the eyes.
g. It is especially good for dry skin.
h. The cream is priced at US$27.50 .5 oz./15ml - click here to buy