amatokin-voss-laboratories.jpg Amatokin, a product of Voss Laboratories, is now finally available in US markets. This controversial anti-wrinkle cream's earlier launch in 2005 had to be stopped due to its controversial use of stem cells to rejuvenate skin and give one a younger look. Now, this revolutionary non-invasive anti-aging treatment will be available freely in the US at all Bloomingdales stores.

Product Features
a. It will be launched at Bloomingdales in New York in mid-April, 2007.
b. Initial plans to have a 2005 launch was shelved due to the controversy surrounding the use of stem cells.
c. At present, Bloomingdales stock a limited supply of this product which is available only to a few select customers.
d. This offer is available on at the 59th Street branch of Bloomingdales in New York City.
e. It will soon be available in all Bloomingdales stores.
f. It will be priced at $173 for a month's supply.