Total Care™ skin care, has been introduced by Aesthetic Medical Institute (AMI) to enhance the outcome of aesthetic clinical procedures. Total Care™ improves specific skin conditions before treatment, enhances post treatment healing using protocols compatible with oral medications. Total Care™ can be prescribed by the plastic surgeon independently or combined with a medical procedure.

Product Features
a. Total Care ™ enhances the skin deep within and effectively alters the health of the skin.
b. It builds and improves the immune, circulatory and detoxification systems of the body. This ultimately improves skin tone and texture.
c. Total Care™ proprietary formulas provide comprehensive results by incorporating the latest phytochemical research with aesthetic innovations in peptides, enzymes, growth factors and DNA repair mechanisms.
d. With focus on skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, Total Care therapy consists of 3 levels of topical interventions.
e. Clinical Series: Gives 4-step home kits that offer corrective and preventive care, Integrative Series: It optimizes results with supplemental care, prescribed as per patient requirement and Phenom Series: Offered by AMI and is only available to clinical care professionals, only.
f. Total Care™ is available through AMI training centers and select clinical practices. To know more about Total Care™ or AMI, please call 760-771-0294 or visit