The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruling due for December 30, 2006 on imposing a ban on Hydroquinone, is causing concern among the consumers, who are using Hydroquinone based products for elimination of age-spots. Hydroquinone is found to effectively reduce age spots and hyper pigmentation. But clinical trials have revealed that Hydroquinone is a possible cancer causing agent and causes blue-black discoloration known as ochronosis. Now a new skin care line called PRESCRIBEDsolutions, is offering customized skin care line products, free of Hydroquinone.

Features of PRESCRIBEDsolutions
a. This hydroquinone-free products offered by PRESCRIBEDsolutions reduces hyper pigmentation and also fights aging concerns.
b. These products of PRESCRIBEDsolutions line are available at select
dermatologist offices in US.
c. To know more on the hydroquinone-free line of PRESCRIBEDsolutions products - click here
d. PRESCRIBEDsolutions is available exclusively from select physicians – click here