Isomers Laboratories, a company that formulates and manufactures skin care, cosmetics and nutritional products has launched anti-aging Lip Shaper pen. It fills imperfections, plumps-up and moisturizes lips, maintaining lip color in place. This is best product for younger looking lips.

Product Highlights
a. Fights aging signs with its collagen supporting Matrixyl.
b. Its silicone resin extends lipstick wear.
c. Restructures and reshapes lip contours.
d. Hydrates lips making it soft and smooth and shapes and defines the skin.
e. It costs $16 for single and $25 for 2-pack.
f. The lip contour, corrector pen can be purchased at or
g. Please detail the item number when ordering: Lip Shaper 2 pack, item # C23729; and Lip Shaper single, item # C23730.