A new startup cosmetic company Aquea Scientific has won the prestigious award for the best new technology in the cosmetic industry for its revolutionary product named
Aquea SPF™. The product, if used in cosmetic creams or soaps would safeguard from sun’s harmful UV rays. The company claims that its unique “wash-on” technology allows continuous skin protection even after the product is washed off.

Product Review
a. This chemical ingredient of Aquea SPF™ can be used in shampoos, soaps, creams, lotions, deodorants and anti-wrinkle products. Adding Aquea SPF to the above products gives skin a protection of SPF 2 to SPF 20 (from sun’s harmful UVA AND UVB rays) depending on manner of use.
b. The ingredient sticks to the skin even, if the product is washed off.
c. By shielding the skin from sun’s harmful rays, it prevents skin cancer and early signs of aging.
d. The product can be mixed into many of the formulations; and is non-greasy.
e. The ingredient Aquea SPF is currently used in facial cleanser IceShield, made by Freeze 24-7
f. To know more about Aquea SPF products, visit or call 1-877-702-7832